Integrate data science process research with industry leading agile training expertise

Learn how to use a well-defined, repeatable agile data science process

Better Process Delivers Better Projects

team efficiency

Repeatable processes drive process efficiency and the exploration of high value analyses

Result Validity

Help ensure accurate, fair, non-biased, and where needed, transparent results

actionable insight

Improve actionable insight via better communication with stakeholders

Improve your team - Improve your career

Training Benefits

Expand Your Career Opportunities

Improve your marketability across all industry sectors adopting data science practices

Demonstrate to Employers & Peers

Show others you have the knowledge of the key data science project management concepts and frameworks

Know the Frameworks

Gain expertise with CRISP-DM, Scrum, Kanban, and emerging data science focused frameworks such as TDSP and DataDrivenScrum.

Engage with Experts

Join a community of recognized data science process experts who are leaders in the field and committed to continuous improvement.
Distinguish Yourself

Distinguish Yourself

Improve your team - Improve your career

Data Science Process Knowledge is Valued!

80% of AI projects are alchemy, run by wizards whose talents will not scale in the organization.
Gartner's Top Data and Analytics Insights (2019)
62% of high performing AI organizations collaborate across teams.
McKinsey & Company Global AI Survey (2019)
85% of data scientists think adopting an improved process would improve their results.
Big Data Science Conference Survey Results (2018)

Member Feedback

“I am highly recommending the seminar to others. I know businesses have been struggling for years with finding effective workflows and frameworks for data science projects"

Daniel S.

"I learnt a lot about the various styles of Data science project management ... The best part of the course were the live sessions"

Angie G.

"This course is very unique and very useful - I haven't seen any other similar certifications. I thought that the exercises were really enjoyable to do and they drove the main point of the discussion home"

Greg G.