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Whether you’re new to data science project management or an expert leading data science teams, DSPA’s Community is the go-to resource to gain insight of potential frameworks and how to use those frameworks in the real world

Getting Started with Agile Data Science Basics

New to agile data science project execution and wondering where to begin?

No need to worry. To support those new to agile data science project execution, our resources provide the introductory content you need to get you up to speed.

Progress through key topics so you can participate in community events, with a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts of executing agile data science frameworks.

Why Join the Community?

The DSPA Community is for impassioned data science professionals to discuss knowledge and tactics that enable teams to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their data science projects.

The Community is a dynamic space that:

  • Connects you directly with your peers
  • Enables access to exclusive events
  • Provides a library of curated data science project management related resources (white papers, videos, etc)

What’s Special about the Community

Meet professionals around the world who are also passionate about the process of executing data science projects.

Our community enables people to ask questions, get and share advice, swap insights, gain some tips and experiences.

In fact, that is part of our “secret sauce” – the human interaction that turns a group of strangers into a community that shares common experiences, goals and challenges.

Become part of a community that is dedicated to you.

Discussion Forums

To find answers when you need advice, tap into our community of learners, coaches, and DSPA Team lead experts.

Learning Library

Whether you’re new to data science project management, DSPA’s Community provides the go-to resources to enable you to gain an understanding of potential frameworks and how to leverage those frameworks in the real-world. 

White Papers

Our resources range from a getting started guide to an analysis of current data science project management trends / practices

Join our network of Data Science process professionals to help your data science efforts generate improved actionable insight and advance your career.