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An Integrated Approach to Improve Your Data Science Project Execution

By combining data science process research with industry leading agile training, the Data Science Process Alliance can provide customized training for your team. Contact DSPA to explore our corporate training solution, which includes:

  • Private Training – Enable all your employees to take a private course, just for your team.
  • Certification – To ensure employees are mastering the desired content, all courses include a certification exam.
  • Community – Your employees can access DSPA’s online members-only community (where they can ask questions to process experts).
  • Advisory / Consulting Services – As needed, DSPA can provide consulting services that, for example, can review your current process, suggest key changes that would provide the most impact, and provide post-training mentoring.

Our private DSPA Team Process Course provides an opportunity for your team to take a course together, without any other students. It provides in depth learning, focused on your organization, by incorporating your team’s specific challenges.

Since the course is just for your organization, there is flexibility with respect to how the course is offered. For example, the course could be a 2-day class, daily 90 minute live sessions with online learning (e.g., videos) in between sessions, or a one month class that meets weekly (with asynchronous online learning in between sessions).

At the end of the course, each employee will be eligible to take the appropriate DSPA certification exam.

Gain practical insights: The course includes real-life cases, instructor facilitated team-based exercises and games, where your team can experience using a data science process, and how one can improve your data science team’s effectiveness in generating actionable insight. Hence, after completing this training your team have a practical understanding of how to execute data science projects within your organization. 

Furthermore, the class discusses common missteps and misunderstandings, so members gain an awareness of the associated symptoms of those missteps. That course also provides prescriptive guidance to avoid having the project go off track from those missteps and misunderstandings.

Your employees will also have access our learning community, which includes access to discussion forums and summaries of different aspects of managing a data science project.

The Community is a dynamic space that:

  • Connects your employees process experts and peers within other organizations
  • Enables access to exclusive events
  • Provides a library of curated resources (white papers, videos, links to blogs, etc)

Course Modules

Agility and Data Science:

  • What is Agile Data Science?
  • Software Development vs Data Science?
  • Roles (Product Owner, Process Expert, Data Engineer, …)
Data Science Workflows:

  • Understanding the Data Science Life Cycle
  • Workflow Frameworks (CRISP-DM, OSEMN and TDSP)
  • Iterations (and how to “loop back”)
Data Science Process Frameworks:

  • Planing and Prioritizing tasks
  • Agile frameworks (Scrum, DDS)
  • Lean principles (Kanban)
More Frameworks & Other Considerations (DSTL Only):

  • Integrating multiple frameworks
  • Tools, Testing, and Metrics
  • Coordinating across projects

Member Feedback

DSPA is very unique and very useful – I haven’t seen any other similar training and certifications.

– Greg G.

Cost: TBD (based on the number of employees).