DSPA Training Improves Project Outcomes

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DSPA offers training for individuals as well as for our corporate members.

Individual Member Training
Corporate Training

Our training enables data scientists, and data science managers to improve project outcomes by:

  • Improving the execution of data science effort. Attendees will learn:
    • When to select which framework (or set of frameworks) for your data science project
    • How to define a project’s vision, scope and actionable insight goals
    • How to identify stakeholders and success criteria
    • How to define the roles required within a data science project
    • Potential workflow frameworks, such as CRISP-DM, TDSP and OSEMN as well as potential collaboration frameworks, such as Scrum, Kanban and Data Driven Scrum.
  • Maximizing the results of a data science project. Attendees will learn to:
    • Evaluate their team’s data science process maturity
    • Create, plan and conclude an iteration that adheres to the selected team framework
    • Communicate to stakeholders and other team members
    • Identify and manage impediments and project risks
    • Interface with teams that use other frameworks
    • Determine the best approach to test / validate the insights generated