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Data Driven Scrum™ is a continuous flow framework for that was designed to support agile data science teams. DDS integrates the structure of Scrum and the continuous flow of Kanban.


Key Tenets of DDS:

  • AGILE IS ITERATIVE EXPERIMENTATION – Agile is intended to be a sequence of iterative experimentation and adaptation cycles.
  • ITERATIONS ARE CAPABILITY BASED – Teams work iteratively on a given set of items until they are done (no inflexible deadlines).
  • The team’s focus for each iteration is on CREATE, OBSERVE, ANALYZE – Each iteration always follows three core steps: Create something, observe its performance, and analyze the results.
  • EASILY INTEGRATEs WITH SCRUM – DDS’s interfaces can be seamlessly integrated within a traditional Scrum-based organization.

There are several aspects of DDS that are similar to traditional scrum, specifically, scrum’s Roles, Events and the use of an Item Backlog.

For more information on DDS, see the DDS Guide.

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