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The Data Science Practitioner™ (DSP) course explains how to use ScrumKanban, and CRISP-DM within a data science project. 

In short, after taking this course, you will know how to be an effective data science team member.

Cost: $295 (includes access to our community, the DSPA membership, the DSP live seminar and the DSP exam and certification)
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The more advanced Data Science Team Lead™ (DSTL) course will enable you to lead data science projects by diving deeper into how to use coordination frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, Data Driven Scrum) as well as data science life cycle frameworks (CRISP-DM, TDSP).

This course also explores common missteps and misunderstandings, the symptoms of those missteps, and guidance on how to avoid having the project go off track from those missteps and misunderstandings.

Cost: $950 (includes online training, four live sessions and the DSTL certification exam)

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During our courses, students work on real-life cases, participate in discussions with other students (that are instructor facilitated), and have readings to compliment the discussions.

For both DSP and DSPL, the course is a combination of online learning, live instruction and team-based exercises and games, where students experience how using a data science process can improve a data science team’s effectiveness in generating actionable insight. Each of these courses also includes registration for the applicable certification exam.

Member Feedback

DSPA is very unique and very useful – I haven’t seen any other similar certifications.

– Greg G.