Data Science Process Professional™
Training / Certification

The Data Science Process Professional™ (DSPP) course provides training and certification for organizations, consultants, and students wanting to understand and experience how to effectively lead (or work in) a data science team.  

The course is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises and games, where students experience how using a data science process can improve a data science team’s effectiveness in generating actionable insight.

The course also includes registration for the Data Science Process Professional certification exam.

What you Learn

  • Foundational Agile concepts and how they help or hinder data science projects

  • Explore potential workflow frameworks, such as CRISP-DM, TDSP and OSEMN .

  • Explore potential collaboration frameworks, such as Scrum, Kanban and Data Driven Scrum.

  • Enable the successful execution of data science effort by knowing:
    • When to select which framework (or set of frameworks) for your data science project
    • How to define a project’s vision, scope and actionable insight goals
    • How to identify stakeholders and success criteria
    • How to define the roles required within a data science project

  • Maximize the results of a data science project by knowing how to:
    • Create, plan and conclude an iteration that adheres to the selected team framework
    • Communicate to stakeholders and other team members
    • Identify and manage impediments and project risks
    • Interface with teams that use other frameworks
    • Determine the best approach to test / validate the insights generated

Course Format

The course is either a 2-day face-to-face class, or a one month web-based class that meets weekly for synchronous discussions and exercises (as well as online learning in between sessions).

In both formats, during the class, students work on real-life cases, participate in discussions with other students (that are instructor facilitated), and have readings to compliment the discussions.

The course exposes common missteps and misunderstandings, so students gain an awareness of the associated symptoms of those missteps. The course also provides prescriptive guidance to avoid having the project go off track from those missteps and misunderstandings.

Course Modules

Agility and Data Science:

  • What is Agile Data Science?
  • Software Development vs Data Science?
  • Roles (Product Owner, Process Expert, Data Engineer, …)
Data Science Workflows:

  • Project phases – using workflows such as:
  • Project phases
  • Iterations (and how to “loop back”)
Data Science Process Frameworks:

  • Planing and Prioritizing tasks
  • General Agile frameworks (Scrum)
  • Lean principles (Kanban)
More Process Frameworks & Other Considerations:

  • Data Science Agile Frameworks (DDS)
  • Tools, Testing, and Metrics
  • Coordinating across projects


The price of the course, when delivered online, is $900 plus an additional $50 testing and certification fee. 

For face-to-face residential courses, the cost of the class is $1,440 plus an additional $50 testing and certification fee. 

Member Survey Results

  • DPSA members are satisfied with the course (85%+ of members)
  • DSPA members think that the certification would be useful for others who work on data science projects (85%+ of members)